Google to send air raid alerts to Android users Google to send air raid alerts to Android users in Ukraine before attacks

Google has initiated air raid alerts for Android users in Ukraine directly on their phones before expected attacks happen near them.

At the request, and with the help, of the government of Ukraine, Google has started rolling out a rapid Air Raid Alerts system for Android phones in Ukraine.

“This work is supplemental to the country’s existing air raid alert systems, and based on alerts already being delivered by the Ukrainian government,” said Kent Walker, President, Global Affairs at Google.

The Android notifications will be based on the alerts already being sent by the Ukrainian government.

“Tragically, millions of people in Ukraine now rely on airstrike alerts to try to get to safety,” Walker said in airstrikes late on Thursday.

Google said that to help the increasing number of refugees in the region, it is developing ways for businesses to flag if they are providing services to refugees.


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