Cooking Gas, Aviation Fuel, Aviation Turbine Fuel Price, LPG Cylinder Price, Cooking gas price up Rs 50, aviation turbine fuel rises by a steep 6.3%

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Cooking gas LPG price on Wednesday was increased by Rs 50 per cylinder, the second hike in rate this month following firming of international prices. Aviation turbine fuel (ATF) price was raised by a steep 6.3 per cent. Non-subsidised LPG price was increased to Rs 694 per 14.2-kg cylinder from Rs 644 earlier.

This is the second increase in rate this month. On December 1, price was hiked by a similar Rs 50 per cylinder. Prior to that, the price had remained unchanged at Rs 594 a cylinder since July. This was the same rate at which subsidised LPG refills are also sold.

Since May, most cooking gas customers have not received subsidies as the combination of oil price collapse and domestic refill rate increases brought parity between subsidised and market rates.



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